Board of Directors

The CAPS Board is made up of partners from our member districts.

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Each of the directors on the CAPS Board are appointed annually by their district’s school committee and have specific responsibilities to both CAPS and the member districts under the Collaborative Law and regulations. This includes actively participating in governance over CAPS Collaborative programming and operating procedures. Details can be found in the Collaborative Agreement and on the Massachusetts state website.

Matthew EhrenworthSuperintendentAthol-Royalston
Dr. Adam RendaSuperintendentAyer-Shirley
Peter Stephens (Chair)School CommitteeFitchburg
Dr. Mark PellegrinoSuperintendentGardner
Melissa BibleSchool CommitteeLeominster
Dr. Christopher Casavant (Secretary)SuperintendentNarragansett
Jessica ReskeSchool CommitteeOrange
Dr. Elizabeth ZielinskiSuperintendentPetersham
Colleen MuchaSuperintendentQuabbin
Dr. Elizabeth ZielinskiSuperintendentR.C. Mahar
Ruthann Petruno-GoguenSuperintendentWinchendon

Records Access

CAPS is committed to the highest levels of transparency and accountability to the community. We are pleased to make copies available for any of the documents listed on the board archives page or any other public documents.

Please contact the Records Access Officer, Justin Nussey, at 978-632-2208 x150, submit your request here, or send a written request  to:

Attn: Records Access Officer
2 Narrows Road, STE C105
Westminster, MA 01473