Building Character Through Basketball

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This week we made history: Gateway's inaugural co-ed basketball team wrapped up CAPS' first-ever sports season! With two dedicated coaches and 15 players committed to their new team, we're celebrating a season full of heartwarming wins both on and off the court.

This past week, the season wrapped up for the Gateway co-ed basketball team – the first official sports team in CAPS history!

Watching our Gateway students take on a new activity together was truly heartwarming. Our team gave their all each week in a league designed for alternative education schools. Our neighbors at Game On, who are just a stone’s throw from our Westminster location, hosted the games on regulation size courts at their impressive athletics facility.

Led by two Gateway high school teachers and experienced coaches, coach Anthony Jarrett and coach Lewis Bailey, 15 teammates practiced together a few times a week and played in 8 games.

Two Gateway elementary kids sitting in the stands with a homemade sign that says Team CAPS

Gateway Elementary school students showed their school spirit by proudly waving a hand-made banner in the crowd.

In sports, victory is measured by which team wins the game, but often times, the journey of the season brings it’s own victories that go well beyond the scoreboard. Reflecting on our inaugural baseketball season, we can’t help but burst with pride, not just because we won some games, but because our team didn’t just build their basketball skills. They also formed crucial lifeskills like taking constructive feedback, managing excitement and disappointments, and working with others towards shared goals.

As with any team, our players represent a range of backgrounds. For us, each teammate faces unique learning and/or social-emotional challenges. Yet, within the confines of the basketball court, they found a common ground—a way to share their excitement for the game and commitment to the team. The result was a fantastic season full of character building and fostering meaningful connections.

We extend our gratitude to the coaches, families and community members who rallied behind us and, of course, to the players who committed to the season and represented CAPS with pride out there on the court!

Here’s to many more seasons filled with growth, camaraderie, and the unwavering belief in the potential of every student who walks through our doors.