Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students Star in The Lightning Thief Production

Collage of three images: the first image is of three male actors, the other two images each show a female with flowers.
This past weekend, three students from the CAPS Deaf and Hard of Hearing program, charmed audiences with their engaging performance at Bigelow Middle School in Newton, MA. In fact, it's one of the first schools in Massachusetts to perform "The Lightning Thief" for live audiences.

Teachers, administrators, family and friends beamed with pride as three CAPS Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHHP) students graced the stage with yet another captivating performance. This year’s theatre production, “The Lightning Thief”, is a tale that follows the adventures of Percy Jackson. Percy is a young boy on the road to self-discovery after realizing his divine heritage. At Camp Half-Blood, Percy and other demigod children navigate their shared existence between the worlds of mortals and gods.

Directed by Olivia Moriarty and produced by Jaime Alberts, this production was a significantly larger production compared to recent years. With a larger scale to manage, everyone had to step up their game. From creative experimentation with prop and set design to meticulous attention to costuming choices, cast and crew carefully planned out every aspect of the production. Undeniably, one of those most exciting aspects for the cast, was learning the combat choreography for ten thrilling battle scenes. Every detail and hour practiced contributed to the dynamic energy and engaging storytelling of the production.

We are so proud of our student actors and crew. Their commitment to this production came through clearly in their hard work and dedication.

-Olivia Moriarty, The Lightning Thief Director

In the program’s Producer’s Note, Alberts shared that Bigelow Middle School is one of the first in Massachusetts to bring “The Lightning Thief” to life on stage.

The outstanding performance by our Deaf and Hard of Hearing students not only demonstrates their exceptional talent and hard work, but also the power of inclusion. As an inclusive program, DHHP students are welcome to participate in all extra-curricular activities offered by Bigelow Middle School, allowing them to explore their interests alongside the general student population.

Congratulations to the cast and crew for a truly memorable production of “The Lightning Thief!”