How it works

CAPS Enrollment

When you discover that a public school setting isn’t the best match for your student, we encourage you to talk with your public school administration to discuss your options.

Find the Right Fit

If you think CAPS may be the right fit for your student, please follow the steps below to discuss with your public school administration. We welcome you to call us with any questions so we can help you navigate the process.

step 1

Speak with your public school administration to explain the concern about your student’s educational experience.

step 2

If your student does not have an IEP (Individual Education Program), your school’s administration will determine if an evaluation is necessary. This will assess their strengths and weaknesses while detailing any supports they need to flourish in school.

step 3

Potential enrollment is initiated through a referral sent by your school’s special education department and/or your student’s IEP team.

step 4

Once the referral is received by CAPS, they will setup a meeting with you, your student, and your student’s school professionals.

step 6

You and your student will get a personalized tour of the program location with plenty of time and opportunities to ask questions and meet the staff.

step 6

CAPS staff and your school professionals will deliberate placement opportunities and if determined that CAPS is the right fit, a placement plan will be developed for your approval.

It’s important to understand that CAPS Collaborative programming is part of the Massachusetts public education system. If your student attends CAPS, they are also still considered a student of their referring school district.

If you’re administration looking to partner with CAPS Collaborative to provide quality services to your students, please contact us or visit the Become a Member District page for details.