Deaf & Hard of Hearing

An environment valuing language and diveristy, students are offered an opportunity to learn in both integrated and self-contained settings.

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CAPS Deaf & Hard of Hearing (DHH) programs welcome students ages 3-18 with diverse language and communication needs.

Complete Access to Learning & Activities

This inclusive learning climate empowers your student to join their peers for all activities at the program’s public host school. This includes:

  • Integrated general education courses with supplemental aides and services
  • Self contained, small group instruction led by Teachers of the Deaf
  • Full range of academic and extra-curricular offerings from host school
  • Transition planning for major milestones
  • Vocational opportunities and career training

Unwaivering Support Systems

Programming is designed to meet individual learning needs with a specific regard for language and communication access. The CAPS DHH Program provides services for students using American Sign Language (ASL), audition and spoken English with sign language support. Students have opportunities for small-group instructions and full inclusion in the general education settings. The program supports and accommodates your student’s primary mode of communication and their use of hearing assistive technology (e.g. hearing aids, cochlear implants, FM/DM systems, etc.) in the classroom. 

Providing meaningful learning opportunities to foster academic and social excellence, your CAPS DHH support team consists of Teachers of the Deaf, ASL/English Educational Interpreters, a Counselor, Speech Language Pathologists, Education Audiologist and Paraeducators. This specialized team works your student to develop confidence and fundamental self-advocacy skills needed to be successful in various settings.

Support Beyond Direct Care

CAPS interdisciplinary staff strives to go beyond direct care for your student to ensure an equitable learning environment. They educate families, colleagues, and faculty and staff in the program’s public host school on topics such as:

  • Hearing loss basics and classroom implications
  • Deaf culture, history and norms
  • Language and learning needs
  • Accessible curriculum, materials, and instruction
  • Hearing assistive technology
  • How to work with an interpreter and/or notetaker
  • Support with closed-captioning
  • Classroom accommodations

Personalized observation and consultation is available upon request.

*Individualized Education Plan

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High School

Newton North High School
457 Walnut St
Newton, MA 02460

Middle School

Bigelow Middle School
42 Vernon Street
Newton, MA 02458

Elementary School

J.R. Briggs Elementary
96 Williams Rd
Ashburnham, MA 01430


Sonoma Square 
2 Narrows Road
Westminster, MA 01473

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Courtney Dunne
Program Director
978-632-2208 x 250
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From Our Executive Director

"Ultimately, our goal is to empower each student reach their true potential. To do this, our programming is designed to provide the highest quality education in the most inclusive and innovative learning environments possible."

-Jennifer Gates