Develop functional academics and living skills while empowering your student’s unique and individual needs.

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The Senators program welcomes middle and high school students ages 12-22 who experience autism and cognitive delays while facing communication, social and/or sensory challenges.

Go Beyond Academics

The Senators Program is built on the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis to develop learning environments based on your student’s individual needs. Using small group and a 1:1 student to staff ratio format, classrooms are structured to include discrete trail training, incidental teaching and behavior shaping techniques.

Your student will shine as their instructors also dive beyond academics and work with them to help identify and address individualized triggers, build life skills, and learn in a gently engaging way. Learning models apply:

  • Specialized equipment and assistive technologies
  • Practical activities that help boost their daily confidence
  • Life skills practice, like chores, in a mock apartment setting
  • Developing public social skills, like making a purchase

Classroom goals to develop these functional academics and living skills are enhanced through the development of various vocational, community and leisure abilities. Senators teachers partner with the host public school and various community members and business to create developmental opportunities in different environments.

Collaborative Support That Empowers

Dynamic, compassionate teachers will deliver instruction in a small group and one-on-one format. Depending on your student’s IEP*, they may also get unparalleled support from:

  • speech therapists
  • physical therapists
  • occupational therapists
  • board certified behavior analysts
  • program nurses

Your collaborative support team is focused on developing your student’s academic, life, social, community and leisure skills while ensuring that they also get safe, appropriate physical movement on a daily basis.

*Individualized Education Plan


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Middle/High School

Mahar Regional School
507 S. Main Street
Orange, MA 01364

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Sheri D’Annolfo
Program Director
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A Word

From Our Executive Director

"Ultimately, our goal is to empower each student reach their true potential. To do this, our programming is designed to provide the highest quality education in the most inclusive and innovative learning environments possible."

-Jennifer Gates